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The Weigel Insurance Agency has a straightforward focus: to provide Insurance tailored to your very specific insurance needs.

We’re a boutique agency so so if you’re looking for cookie-cutter insurance policies or simply “cut-the-rate” insurance, we’re not the right insurance agency for you.

Our clients value the agent-client relationship, and we earn our customers’ trust one day at a time, one policy at a time.


Types of Insurance:

The Weigel Insurance Agency provides the following types of Insurance:

  • Life Insurance—We work with around 20 A-rated life insurance companies including Prudential, AIG, John Hancock, etc. To generate your own life insurance quotes, click on the quoter below.
  • Business Insurance—We’re small business owners so we like to work with small business owners. We work with contractors, churches, fitness facilities, clothing businesses, and everything in-between.
  • Home Insurance—Whether you’re renting an apartment, buying a house, purchasing a condo, or have a vacant home that needs to be insured, we have the insurance market for you.
  • Auto Insurance—Auto Insurance is everywhere, but auto insurance that covers Uber and Lyft drivers, drivers that have had DUI’s, and drivers that have had many accidents is not. These niche auto insurance markets are a specialty of ours.
  • Other Lines of Insurance—Classic car insurance and pet insurance are among the less well-known lines of insurance that we can help you with.